Our Beginning

As an art teacher at a New York City public school and a parent of a young child, co-founder Han-Ching Lin sees first-hand that there is a need for more high-quality opportunities for children to explore and develop in areas outside of literacy and math. Elementary school students often have only one period a week devoted to the arts (dance, music, theater, and visual arts) or sometimes go entire school years without any of the arts in their weekly schedule. When it comes to science, elementary school students usually have at least one or more periods incorporated into their weekly schedule. However, large class size among other factors often hinder students from being able to reach their full potential as young scientists.

Most elementary-age children begin to show an interest and natural ability in specific areas. Unfortunately, they too often do not get to spend enough time exploring and developing their skills in these areas. Lin, with his background in elementary education, and his wife Jenny, with her background in education finance, decided to come together to start Learning Lab, an enrichment center serving the community. At Learning Lab, children can explore art, music, STEM, writing, and more through fun and engaging classes led by qualified and caring instructors and parents can feel assured that they are supporting their children’s budding interests and even get the chance to learn together with their children.