Learning Lab’s art program works with young artists to explore and experiment with various materials and methods, express themselves creatively, build upon art-making skills, and to develop their own artistic voice. Art classes are led by a NYC Department of Education certified teacher.

More About Our Art Classes

Our art classes provide children with an opportunity to explore the elements of art (line, shape, color, space, form, value, and texture) through various types of art-making, including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and sculpture. Children also get the chance to work with a wide range of mediums from oil pastels and colored pencils to watercolors and tempera paint. Lessons are differentiated in order to ensure that students at varying skill levels can all have fun, feel challenged, and experience success.

Art classes at Learning Lab are suggested for children ages 5 to 11.



  • Saturday (12:45 pm-1:45 pm)
  • Sunday (11:15 am-12:15 pm)

Price Per Class: $30.00


  • 10-Classes Package: ART/STEM/Writing - $225.00 (25% Discount)
  • 5-Class Package: ART/STEM/Writing- $120.00 (20% Discount)

Tell us what day and time work best for you and we will plan the schedule around the most popular time.