Currently, Learning Lab is offering music classes called "Music-Making Adventures" to students in kindergarten through third grade. Please stay tuned for other types of music classes in the future.

Music-Making Adventures

"Music-Making Adventures" is the perfect class for young children who show a special interest in music. Led by a NYC Department of Education certified music teacher, students explore basic elements of music such as melody and rhythm through hands-on activities and games. The hands-on experience involves singing songs from different cultures, the use of simple musical instruments, as well as movement. Classes will not only support students in developing a foundation for a lifetime of music enjoyment, but will also cultivate social skills, raise self-esteem, introduce children to other cultures, and even improve academic skills (music and other subject areas are intertwined). Music-Making Adventures classes are open to children in grades K through 3.

Music-Making Adventures is currently not being offered due to a lack of interest in the class. Please email us at if you would like to see us offer the class again.